ASI 0431 | American Specialties Multi-Purpose Cabinet with Concealed Body

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Manufacturer: American Specialties

Mfg Part #: 10-0431

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For mounting behind continuous mirror. Shelf, towel dispenser and 101 fluid ounce (3 L) soap dispenser. Dispenses 600 C-fold or 800 multi-fold paper towels.


Product Code: ASI-0431


ASI 0431 - Multi-Purpose Cabinet with Concealed Body

Recessed Cabinet with Open Shelf, Soap and Paper Towel Dispenser with concealed body shall hold 800 standard multi-fold or 600 standard C-fold paper towels and dispense 101 ounces of and dispense 101 ounces of liquid and lotion soaps, synthetic detergents and antibacterial soaps containing PCMX and/or Triclosan. Towel dispenser door, soap dispensing tank and frame shall be fabricated of alloy 18-8 stainless steel, type 304, No. 22 gauge. Towel dispensing slot shall have a fully hemmed-in rolled edge for snag-free dispensing and user safety. Dispenser door shall be attached to cabinet at bottom with a full length 3/16 inch diameter stainless steel multi-staked piano hinge. Soap and towel dispenser shall be held closed with a tumbler lock keyed alike to other ASI Washroom Equipment. Face trim shall be 1 inch wide formed from one piece with no mitres, welding or open seams and have 1/4 inch square return to wall. Structural assembly of all components shall be of welded construction. A tamper resistant sight gauge shall be provided. Valve shall be constructed of a chromeplated brass body with stainless steel and plastic internal parts. All exposed surfaces shall be No. 4 satin finish and be protected during shipment with a PVC film easily removable after installation.