ASI 0010 | American Specialties Stainless Steel Corner Shower Seat, Satin Finish

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Manufacturer: American Specialties

Mfg Part #: 10-0010

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Seat, support brackets and retainer clip, type 304 satin finish stainless steel. Seat secured to one wall with full length piano hinge; supported on other wall by bracket.


Product Code: ASI-0010


ASI 0004 - American Specialties, Inc. - Stainless Steel Corner Shower Seat


The ASI 0010 by American Specialties is a Corner Shower Stall Seat with support brackets shall be fabricated of alloy 18-8 stainless steel, type 304, No. 18 gauge and all exposed surfaces shall have No. 4 satin finish and be protected during shipment with a PVC film easily removable after installation. Seat shall be fabricated of No.16 gauge and shall have all edges and corners beveled, welded, ground smooth and polished. Angle bracket support shall be fabricated of 1/8 inch thick same grade heavy duty stainless steel piano hinge. Structural assembly of all components shall be of welded construction. A stainless steel clip bracket shall be provided to retain seat in storage position. Corner shower stall seat shall be capable of sustaining a weight in excess of 300 pounds. Manufacturer Model #:10-0010.






Technical Data Sheet (Click on the link below.)

ASI 0010 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)




  • Mount seat to wall 17" to 19" above finished floor from top of lowered seat using appropriate fasteners (by others) through counter sunk holes provided in vertical leg of seat bracket.
  • Locate retainer clip bracket to engage seat and hold by friction in storage position.
  • Backing to support seat must be provided as specified by architect and/or required in accordance with local building codes, before finished wall is applied.
  • CAUTION: Shower seats are no stronger than the anchors or walls to which they are attached. Shower seats must be firmly and securely attached to sustain the loads they are intended to support.



  • Disengage the bracket clip and lower the seat to a horizontal position.
  • When not in use, return the seat to its storage position by raising the seat to a vertical position and engaging the bracket clip.