ASI 0692-516 | American Specialties 5" x 16" Stainless Steel Shelf

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Manufacturer: American Specialties

Mfg Part #: 10-0692-516

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Fabricated of 18 gauge stainless steel with a satin finish. Front edge is hemmed for maximum rigidity and safety.


Product Code: ASI-0692-516


ASI 0692-516 - American Specialties, Inc. - 5" x 16" Stainless Steel Shelf

Surface Mounted Shelf shall be fabricated of alloy 18-8 stainless steel, type 304; brackets shall be 18 gauge, shelf shall be 18 gauge, with 1/2 inch lip on all foursides. Front lip shall be hemmed under for safety. All exposed surfaces shall be No. 4 satin finish and shall be protected during shipment with a PVC film easily removable after installation. Structural assembly of shelf and bracket supports shall be of welded construction. Shelf shall be 5" deep and 16" long with two brackets.