ASI 0600-1836 | American Specialties 18" x 36" Angle Frame Plate Glass Mirror

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Manufacturer: American Specialties

Mfg Part #: 10-0600-1836

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18" x 36" stainless steel angle frame plate glass mirror.


Product Code: ASI-0600-1836


ASI 0600 - American Specialties, Inc. - 18" x 36" Angle Frame Plate Glass Mirror

Inter-Lok Stainless Steel Framed Mirror shall have frame fabricated of alloy 18-8 stainless steel, type 304, 18 gauge with mitered corners welded and polished. All exposed surfaces shall be No. 4 satin finish. All edges of mirror shall be protected with friction and chafe absorbing fillers. Back of mirror shall be protected by full size shock-absorbing water-resistant filler and full size one piece 20 gauge corrosion protected steel. An 18 gauge corrosion protected steel H-bracket shall be supplied. Mirror shall be secured to vertical bracket with corrosion protected allen head locking screws furnished. Mirror shall be plate glass - 1/4 incht hick No. 1 quality polished, silver coated and hermetically sealed with a uniform coating of electrolytic copper plating. Mirror is warranted for 15 years against silver spoilage. Mirrors meet Federal Spec. No. DD-M-411C and ASTM-C-1036-91.