ASI 0390-1AC | American Specialties EZFill - Top Fill, Multi Feed Soap Dispenser Head, Plug in Version

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EZFill™ Vanity Mounted Automatic Soap Dispensing System Soap Dispenser Head, Plug In Version.


Product Code: ASI-0390-1AC


ASI 0390-1AC - American Specialties, Inc. - (1) EZFill Automatic Deck Mounted Soap Dispenser Head, Plug In Version



The ASI 0390-1AC by American Specialties is an EZFill™ Vanity Mounted Automatic Soap Dispensing System Soap Dispenser that dispenses liquid soap within the viscosity range of 100 – 3800 cP (MPa•s) in stream cycles with volumes of approximately 0.007 oz to 0.08 oz in four steps programmable by owner with remote control programming unit (optional; supplied one (1) per six (6) pack) with factory preset at approximately 0.03 oz . Operation is initiated by hands-free sensor controlled by microprocessor digital circuitry and peristaltic pump is powered by an AC Adapter (also IP67 rated, provided, select model) plugged into GFCI outlet (by others). Unit has chrome plated spout and sensor housing with a highly polished finish over all exposed surfaces. Unit has LED in sensor to indicate function and battery condition. A self adhesive label is provided for use at owner’s option to indicate dispenser function. Unit mounts on vanity deck up to 2" thick through 1" diameter hole minimum to 1-1/4" max. Soap supply shall be from EZFill™ Vanity Mounted Top-Fill Port and Multi-Feed Tank (supplied separately) with capacity of 169 oz (5 L) of liquid soap containing no abrasives or particulates. Up to six (6) individual EZFill™ vanity mounted automatic soap dispenser units shall draw from each Multi-Feed tank located under counter through connection to under-counter soap distribution tubing (provided). Owner’s Manual and Installation Guide (OM & IG) are provided with unit in carton.