ASI 0390-1A | American Specialties EZFill, Multi Feed Soap Dispenser Head, Battery Operated

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American Specialties ASI 0390-1A is an EZ Fill™ Vanity Mounted Automatic Soap Dispensing System Soap Dispenser Head, Battery Operated.


Product Code: ASI-0390-1A


ASI 0390-1A - American Specialties, Inc. - (1) EZFill Automatic Deck Mounted Soap Dispenser Head, Battery Operated



Thee ASI 0390-1A by American Specialties is an EZ Fill™ Vanity Mounted Automatic Soap Dispensing System Soap Dispenser that dispenses liquid soap within the viscosity range of 100 – 3800 cP (MPa•s) in stream cycles with volumes of approximately 0.007 oz to 0.08 oz in four steps programmable by owner with remote control programming unit (optional; supplied one per six pack) with factory preset at approximately 0.03 oz . Operation is initiated by hands-free sensor controlled by microprocessor digital circuitry and peristaltic pump is powered by six D size 1.5 V batteries (supplied by others) in a screw-locked IP67 rated compartment (provided) located under counter. Unit has chrome plated spout and sensor housing with a highly polished finish over all exposed surfaces. Unit has LED in sensor to indicate function and battery condition. A self adhesive label is provided for use at owner’s option to indicate dispenser function. Unit mounts on vanity deck up to 2" thick through 1" diameter hole minimum to 1-1/4" max. Soap supply is from EZ Fill™ Vanity Mounted Top-Fill Port and Multi-Feed Tank (supplied separately) with capacity of 169 oz of liquid soap containing no abrasives or particulates. Up to six individual EZ Fill™ vanity mounted automatic soap dispenser units draw from each Multi-Feed tank located under counter through connection to under-counter soap distribution tubing (provided). Owner’s Manual and Installation Guide (OM & IG) are provided with unit in carton.